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Student Liaison

Los Angeles, CA (Remote)

Voluntary (Part time)

Mars University (MarsU) is an international academic and research organization that is the first school on Earth dedicated to making life multi-planetary. Our mission to unite students, researchers, and professionals in a multidisciplinary curriculum, to settle humans on planet Mars. MarsU plans to design and co-host our first annual five-week Mars Summer Program in July 2021. 


As a Student Liaison, you are responsible for promoting MarsU, the Summer Program, and acting as a local Point of Contact to provide information to potential students to become space-faring people.

Benefits: flexible, remote work, part-time


  • Become knowledgeable about the University's Summer Program

  • Participate in monthly Student Liaison Chapter meetings with members of the Founding team

  • Promote the Mars Summer Program, online events, and education locally and in your region of interest

  • Assist potential students in answering questions about the Program and MarsU

  • Enable greater diversity, people of color, and international participation in the student cohort and alumni

  • Help maintain and extend the local presence, marketing, and impact of Mars University

  • Advance the exchange of information from MarsU to local, state, and/or national communities

  • Support and contribute to the Founding team of Mars University to become space faring people


  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, business, science, or a relevant field

  • Familiar with the MarsU team and

  • Knowledgeable about education, academia, engineering, Mars, and space

  • Excellent communication, leadership, team building, social, and public speaking skills

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