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An 8-hour online certificate Program in August 2024 on Mars Settlement and Exploration. Embark on a journey through captivating topics such as Martian Agriculture, Transport, and Human Factors. Gain insights into Martian Astrobiology while diving into the intricacies of Martian Construction and Architecture.
Prepare yourself to be part of history as we delve into Martian Analog Habitat Management and Mission Insights.
Be part of our program and equip yourself with the knowledge to step on the Red Planet.  

Coming Soon

Microcontroller Build and Engineering (MBE 312)


Learn how to build and program microcontrollers in this 7-day Course, Microcontroller Build and Engineering (MBE 312) from August 15-23 cohosted with Magneto Space. MBE312 immerses participants in hands on R&D to program your own custom microcontroller. Use CAD software such as TinkerCAD,CAD Fusion, or other software as free software to 3D design, electronics, and coding. Get involved at local makerspace and apply to systems.

Past Courses and Programs


Mars Science & Engineering 2022

The 7-day Mars Science and Engineering online Program wunites up to  20 students, 15+ lecturers with R&D projects. Program includes an intensive curriculum on ISRU, systems, engineering, agriculture 3d printing and more


Venus Science & Engineering

An  8-week online program hosted in 2023 to design and support aerostat balloon TRL demo on Earth and later in Venus clouds. Learn to apply engineering and aerospace principles and math, to model flight performance, turbulence, materials performance, and more.


Satellite Engineering & Electromagnetronics SEE321

The 12-weeks online 3 CR course cohosted in Spring 2023 by Magneto Space & MU immerses participants in a research intensive course to design MagSat cubesat with & ElectroMagnetic Field.

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