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Mars Settlement & Exploration 2023

An 9-week online certificate Program in Mars Settlement and Exploration about the life and systems in designing, building, and operating a Mars settlement to advance the R&D and develop the mindset to become multiplanetary.

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Master's in Multiplanet Engineering

Learn more about Master’s of Science and Engineering Online Program to advance systems and humans on Mars, Venus, and exoplanets. THe12 to 16-month Accelerated provides ~25 course credits with 8 courses: 4 core, 4 elective on graduate level, optional thesis, and 2-3 courses per semester for part-time working professionals.

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Satellite Engineering and Electromagtronics  (SEE 321)

Learn how to design, build, and operate a spacecraft beyond Earth orbit. The 12-weeks online 1CR course cohosted by Magneto Space & MU, research intensive course immerses participants to advance & build on-orbit MagSat-2 1.5U cubesat with Spintronics & Magnetic Field FPGA and launch to GEO by late 2024.


Venus Science and Engineering (VSE311)

Learn how to design, build, and operate systems and aerostats/high altitude balloons in Venus atmosphere. Immersive 3CR research experience online over 9 weeks to design and support aerostat balloon TRL demo on Earth and in Venus clouds. With 15+ lecturers and R&D projects, apply engineering, aerospace, math principles with topics on flight, turbulence, electronics, navigation, ABEP, ISRU, and more.

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