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Our Mission

to unite students, researchers, and professionals in a multidisciplinary curriculum, to settle humans on planet Mars, to make life multiplanetary


Our Vision

 to educate, inspire, and empower humanity to create a habitable world and to extend human civilisation to become multiplanetary


Our Story

A lack of education and research about Mars and becoming multiplanetary creates limitations toward the expansion of life throughout the Solar system.

MultiPlanet University (MPU) is an international academic and research organisation incorporated as a U.S. nonprofit that was co-founded over summer 2020 by Kole Lutz, Bruce Mackenzie, and Founding team. A team of 20+ researchers, faculty, and staff, MPU is a student run organisation and eSchool empowering high quality knowledge and data transfer.

With mindset that systems and life are evolving on Mars and Venus, we are building the first school dedicated to making life multi-planetary. Our goal is to build a self-sustaining ecosystem to develop the education, research, and innovation necessary to open new frontiers.

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