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Dozens of active Research Projects

30+ researchers, faculty, and entrepreneurs

Empowering grant-funded research


Graduate Researchers, students, alumni, and future Astronauts learn how to improve and test concepts with faculty and staff to overcome complex problems primarily focused on the post-arrival activities of man and machines on the Martian surface.


We cover a broad range of research topics - from biomedical, human factors, advanced robotics, life support systems to bioremediation, ISRU, manufacturing, hydrocarbons, chemical engineering and production, settlement design, and planetary engineering.

Leverage one on one mentoring and team meetings with leading experts, faculty, and partners to enable life to become multi-planetary.

Benefits for Researchers

Leading faculty, professors, and advisors with experience in winning and conducting research under competitive grants

Entrepreneurship is encouraged. We can support your application to funding agencies.

Join us in building a sustainable ecosystem of innovation to improve the quality of education for generations of students.


Become a Graduate Researcher

As a Graduate Researcher, you would collaborate with MarsU Faculty and Staff of interest to advise, edit, and improve research project(s). You would help take the research to the next level and improve your understanding on research interests and knowledge. You have the freedom to lead your own independent or collaborative research study.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The MarsU Fellowship Program (MFP) provides talented new and senior Ph.D.'s, early-career professionals, and senior scientists the opportunity advance the research at the forefront of science, technology, engineering, and math. As a Postdoctoral Researcher, you are immersed in research and development activities for 1 to 3 year assignments. Postdoctoral Fellows lead or co-lead research project(s) with the option to collaborate with MarsU students, Faculty, and Staff of mutual interest to directly help improve systems, multi-planetary information, and the quality of life on Mars and beyond Earth.

Get More Involved

Learn more about the previous and present research efforts of MarsU staff and faculty on individual biographies of the MarsU Team Webpage.


Navigate through three opensource online databases: 

1. Mars Society Mars Papers Archive

2. Mars University News

3. Mars University Seminar Series

4. Conference Proceedings and Archives

Leverage the knowledge, research, and community at MarsU to advance your individual or organisations research. Collaborate or advise research as a partner to pave the road for the development of innovations, patents, and advanced technology startups. If you are interested in getting more involved, contact info@Mars.University.

225 million kilometers away...

Mars is there, waiting to be reached.

- Buzz Aldrin

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