A leading Mars academic and research institution building a sustainable ecosystem of innovation

Interdisciplinary environment

15+ leading Mars researchers and professionals

Empowering grant-funded research

Researchers, professors and future astronauts can collaborate to develop an idea at the summer program. Students learn how to test new concepts and to overcome challenging problems on the forefront of science.


We cover a broad range of research topics - from advanced robotics, manufacturing to nanotechnology and settlement design. 

Leverage one on one mentoring and interactive sessions with leading experts, faculty, and accelerators

Benefits for Students

Leading faculty, professors, and advisors with experience in winning and conducting research under highly competitive grants

Entrepreneurship is encouraged. We can support your application to funding agencies.

Pave the road for the development of innovations, patents, and advanced technology startups

We are looking to recruit a Research Coordinator.


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54 million kilometers away...

Mars is there, waiting to be reached.

- Buzz Aldrin

What we are up to

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