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Brand & Coat of Arms

Mars University Coat of Arms Transparent.png

Color:Maroon Red

HEX: #ae2e1c

RGB: (174,46,28,255)

The Mars University Coat of Arms resembles a bottom to top chronological series of events of establishing a permanent presence on the red planet. Resembling a time capsule, the Coat of Arms or Crest, symbolizes the heraldry and bravery of mankind in sailing to the new world, Mars. The MarsU Motto, Ad Astra Per Aspera, is of Latin origin and most closely means “through hardship to Mars”. The Motto banner resembles the beginning of the exploration of Mars which is arranged in the above Mars Symbol (♂), which represents the shield and spear of the god of war and also represents female and male in biology, introduced at a convention by Swedish physician, Carl Linneaus in the 1750’s.

The two dots illuminate the positions of Phobos and Deimos, the two Moons of Mars theorized to once be a part of the asteroid belt, who were mythological sons of Ares, the Greek counterpart of the Roman god, Mars. The diagonal black pillars represent the settlement of terrestrial life, which provides a foundation of knowledge, symbolized in the open book directly above. On the pages reads Constantiam, Latin for “permanence” from the derivation of Constant, “stand together”. The planetary body is an orange-reddish color from a combination of rusty dust suspended in the atmosphere and the iron oxide or rust particles in the soil.


MarsU Logo


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