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Mars University Invited to Speak on Panel during Mars Society Convention

October 8, 2020. By Kolemann Lutz

Mars University, or MarsU, is glad to be invited to give a panel at the virtual 23rd Annual Mars Society Convention, the largest conference about Mars on planet Earth that has over 4,000 registered attendees. Leaders in the MarsU community will join a panel that is scheduled to start at 7 PM PDT on Thursday, October 15. During the 60 minute timeslot, we will cohost short presentations from key faculty and staff in addition to an open dialogue with attendees to learn more about the design of our first five-week Mars Summer Program (MSP) in July 2021. The Program will provide a detailed technical overview on the engineering, science, technology, and math necessary to create habitable environments on Mars with an emphasis on the design of the sequence for post arrival activities on the surface.

Three cofounders at MarsU, Dr. Shannon Rupert, Bruce Mackenzie, and Kolemann Lutz in addition to Dr. Daniel Tompkins, Faculty at MarsU and Founder of Grow Mars with 18+ years in agriculture science, will join the Panel to facilitate a conversation about the Program details and to brainstorm for workshops, seminars, activities to do on-site. Attendees can learn about the student research and collaboration opportunities with MarsU, as well as the student application process, the four courses we plan to offer during the Summer Program and progress we are making in discussions with host partners.

Register here for the free Mars Society Convention from October 15 - 18 to hear from leaders at Mars University, Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, Barbara Belvisi, Founder and CEO at Interstellar Lab, and Rick Tumlinson, Founding Partner at Space Fund and many other leaders in the Mars community.


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