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Kolemann Lutz


MultiPlanet Engineering (MPE)

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Kolemann Lutz

Washington, D.C.



University of Virginia, Materials Science, Graduate Student, 2022 - Present

Mars University, Cofounder, 2020 - Present

International Space University (ISU), Space Entrepreneurship Program, 2020

University of Mary Washington, B.S. in International Business, 2014-2017

Mr Kolemann Lutz (Kole) is a researcher and engineer with 6+ years of experience in business development, materials science, & space systems. Kole has published 25+ articles and research publications to advance the science, education, and expansion of life on Earth, Venus, Mars, and beyond. During a half-year sabbatical travelling through SE Asia in Summer 2018, Mr Lutz founded Frontier Space, a space research organisation and podcast listened to in over 73+ countries. 

With a team of 15+ researchers since 2020, Kole cofounded MU and is helping start the first academic programs dedicated to making life multiplanetary. After 2+ years of R&D, Kole Cofounded Magneto Space ( to electromagnetically enhance space systems, humans, life, and satellites beyond Earth. In converging toward 4-hand human and as pioneer of Multiverse Compression Theory (MCT), Kole is also helping create rad coin and is a graduate student at UVA pursuing a Master's in Materials Science  Engineering.


 Recently awarded Top 100 Men in Aerospace to Follow, Kole is passionate about blending engineering, education, creativity, and advanced research together to support your growth, research, and career. Schedule a 30-min meeting on Calendly. In his free time, Kole enjoys travelling, reading, scuba diving, and long-distance rides on two wheels. 


Research Areas

Research focus areas:
Electromagnetic Fields, Spintronics, Metamaterials
LEO, Planetary Sciences, Space Systems, Venus/Mars

Blockchain, Web3, DeFi/DeSci, Applied Math
In Situ Air Production (ISAP), ISRU, High Altitude Balloons
Carbon Capture, Compressors, Ecology/Evolution, Bioinformatics



Spacecraft Engineering & Electromagnetism (SEE 321) 1CR Spring, 2023
Venus Science & Engineering, (VSE311) Summer 2023

Cell Bioengineering (BioE 106) 1CR Spring, 2022

Mars Science Engineering (MSE) 1CR Aug 2022

Current Research and Publications

  1. Lutz, K., Cadiou H, Trevino T. Electromagnetic Fields to Sustain Life on Earth, in Space, and Planets, IAC 2021, Life Support, habitats and EVA Systems. ResearchGate

  2. Lutz, K, Methods and Space Medicine to Adapt the Cell and Cytoskeleton to Micro- and Alternative Gravity, 2022. ResearchGate

  3. Lutz, K., Mackenzie, B., et al. Deployment of Infrastructure, Systems, and Habitat from Starship For Uncrewed Mars Mission. 2021 AIAA ASCEND, Space Architectures: Mars Habitats,

  4. Lutz K., Tompkins, D., et al., Sustainable Nitrogen Cycle for Mars Settlement: Operations Analysis, Agriculture, and Soil Ecosystem. IAC 2021, Human Exploration of Mars. ResearchGate

  5. Lutz, K., Pino, P., et al. Silica Aerogel: Architecture, Engineering, and Applications for Space Settlements. 2021 IAC, Space Settlement. ResearchGate

  6. Lutz, K. Remotely Scanning Frequencies and Biomarkers of Human in Microgravity in Low Earth Orbit with Bioinformatics Software. NASA HRP IWS 2022. ResearchGate

  7. Rector T., Trevino T., Lutz, K, et al. Design and Build of HelmHoltz Coils to Generate Hypomagnetic Field for Space Biology Experiments. ICES 2022. ResearchGate

  8. Lutz, K, In Situ Air Production and Vacuum Systems and Models for Life Support Beyond Earth, 2022 AIAA ASCEND (To be Published)

  9. Lutz, K, Multiverse Compression Theory (MCT) and Field Outside Universes to Model Deflation and Geometries, 2023 ( To be Published)

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