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Kolemann Lutz

Co-founder, MarsU

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Kolemann Lutz

Washington, D.C.





Mars University, Cofounder and Chairman, 2020-Present

International Space University (ISU), Commercial Space Entrepreneurship, 2020

Frontier Space, Founder, 2018-Present

University of Mary Washington, B.S. in International Business, 2014-2017

Kolemann (Kole) is an entrepreneur, researcher, philanthropist, explorer, and aspiring biomedical engineer who has dedicated his career to become a multi-planetary species and to enabling life a permanent presence beyond Earth on Mars, Moon, and Venus. Kolemann (Kole) founded Frontier Space, a space research organization and podcast listened to in over 43 countries to develop space technology, colonies, and exploration beyond Earth.


At the beginning of 2020, Kole embarked on the mission to begin academia about off-planet development and space exploration. At Mars University, he is the Acting Chairman and Cofounder who helped start the Multiplanetary Engineering and Mars Summer Program certificate programs. By applying how recent advancements in the field contribute to becoming multiplanetary, Kole published 15+  articles on behalf of MarsU to advance the knowledge, education, and settlement of celestial bodies. Kolemann is passionate about blending engineering, education, creativity, and advanced research together to support your growth, research, and career. In his free time, Kole enjoys traveling, scuba diving, and long-distance rides on two wheels.

Research Areas

Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Bioremediation

Fuel Cells, Water Electrolysis, Treatment, and Storage

Direct Air Carbon (DAC) Capture, CO2, and Bioplastics

Hydrocarbons, Chemical Engineering, and Aerogels

Hydrogen Production and Supply Chain

Mars Settlement and Planetary Engineering

Frequency Resonance, Biomedical Imaging, and Health Data Analytics

Articles and Publications

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