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Kolemann Lutz

Co-founder, MarsU

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Kolemann Lutz

Washington, D.C.




Mars University, Cofounder and Chairman, 2020-Present

International Space University (ISU), Space Entrepreneurship, 2020

Frontier Space, Founder, 2018-Present

University of Mary Washington, B.S. in International Business, 2014-2017

Mr Kolemann Lutz (Kole) is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and explorer with five years of experience in space technology, settlement, and exploration. Kole has dedicated his career to developing life to reach our full potential by enabling a permanent presence on the Moon, Mars in orbit, and Venus.  During a half-year sabbatical travelling through SE Asia in Summer 2018, Mr Lutz founded Frontier Space, a space research organisation and podcast listened to in over 43 countries. 


In yearning for higher education about planet Mars throughout 2020 after his travels, Kole cofounded Mars University (MarsU) and is helping start the first MarsU academic programs. By applying how recent advancements across many fields contribute to becoming multiplanetary, Kole published 15+ articles and research publication to advance the knowledge, education, and settlement of celestial bodies. 


As an active Founding member in new space companies, Kolemann is passionate about blending engineering, education, creativity, and advanced research together to support your growth, research, and career. In his free time, Kole enjoys travelling, scuba diving, and long-distance rides on two wheels.


Research Areas

Mars Settlement, In-situ Resource Utilization, Terraforming

Space Settlement Technologies and Systems

Fuel Cells, Water Management, Electrolysis, Treatment, and Storage

Carbon Capture, CO2 Production, Bioremediation and Bioplastics

Power Management and Distribution (PMAD, Surface Operations

Hydrocarbons, Chemical Engineering, and Aerogels

Frequency Resonance, Biomedical Imaging, and Health Data Analytics


Current Research and Publications

  1. Lutz, K., Camelo R., & Sedano B. Power Management and Distribution for Life Support Technology and Systems to Sustain First Mars Colony. IAC 2021, Advanced Space Power Technologies (Pending)

  2. Lutz, K., & Cinelli, I. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Generators to Sustain Life in Space Colonies and Habitats IAC 2021, Life Support, habitats and EVA Systems (Pending)

  3. Lutz, K. & Garcia, D. Novel Electromagnetic Imaging, Voice and Body Analysis Software to Monitor Human Biomarkers in a Ground-based Pilot Study. IAC 2021, Human Physiology in Space (Pending)

  4. Lutz, K., Tompkins, D., Fountain, L. Sustainable Nitrogen Cycle for Mars Settlement: Payload and Operations Analysis to Sustain Life Beyond Earth. IAC 2021, Human Exploration of Mars (Pending)

  5. Lutz, K. & Mackenzie, B. Mars University: Education to Lead the Settlement and Exploration of Mars. 2021 International Conference on Environmental Systems (Pending)

  6. Lutz, K. & Mackenzie, B.Mars Manufacturing Settlement. 2021 International Conference on Environmental Systems (Pending)

  7. Lutz, K. & Sabry S. Monitoring Health of Six Analog Astronauts with AO Scan and Medical Data during Lunares Ground-based Pilot Study. IAC 2021, Medical Care for Humans in Space (Pending)

  8. Lutz, K., Mackenzie, B., et al. Deployment of Infrastructure, Systems, and Habitat from Starship For Uncrewed Mars Mission. 2021 AIAA ASCEND, Space Architecture (Pending)

  9. Lutz, K., Pino, P., et al. Silica Aerogel: Architecture, Engineering, and Applications for Space Settlements. 2021 AIAA ASCEND, Radiation Fields, Effects and Risks in Human Space Missions (Pending)

  10. Lutz, K., Fairhart, A., et al. Mars Settlement Water Life Cycle: H2O Infrastructure, Management, Treatment, and Storage. 2021 AIAA ASCEND, Space Exploration (Pending)

  11. Lutz, K., Mackenzie, B., et al. A Vertically Assembled Biosphere with Graphene Cables Above the Clouds of Venus to Build, Power, and Sustain Floating Colonies. 2021 AIAA ASCEND, Space Architecture (Pending)