Venus Science & Engineering
(VSE 311)
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MultiPlanet Engineering (MPE)
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June 12-July 29, 2023
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Learn how to design, build, and operate systems, robots, and aerostats in Venus atmosphere. Immersive 8-week R&D experience (mostly online) to design and support aerostat balloon TRL demo on Earth and later in Venus clouds. Cohort builds and launches high altitude balloon demo(s) with 2-5kg+ payload during in-person component (optional) of course for 3-7+ days in Washington DC Area in June 2023. With 20-40%+ of Program budget toward materials and build of high altitude balloon demo 15-25kmin Earth atmosphere in July/August, apply engineering and aerospace principles and math, to model flight performance, turbulence, materials performance, and more.



~5 hrs /week

4 Full Scholarships

10+ Lecturers

R&D Project-based


Cofounder, Humans2Venus

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Kolemann Lutz

Cofounder,  MU 

MultiPlanet Engineering

Contact Information

Kole Lutz
Program Coordinator,



Scientist & Engineer,

NASA Glenn Research Center


Cofounder, Humans 2 Venus


Creator, Venus Academy

Curriculum Schedule Draft

The Certificate course provides up to 5 hours per week of live synchronous instruction with 75/25 Lectures/Labs(research).  With 10+ guest lecturers and instructors, the Course is designed to fit the schedule of young professionals and full-time students. Cohort builds and launches high altitude balloon during In-person component (optional) of course for 3-7+ days in Washington DC Area in June 2023. Attendance for most lectures and labs is mandatory to receive Certificate.

  1. Background to Venus 

  2. Aerospace Engineering on Earth & Venus Clouds

  3. High Altitude Balloons & Demos on Earth

  4. APMA: Ellipsoid Models, Calculus, Geometry  

  5. Systems, robots, and aerostats

  6. IMUs, MAVs, Accelerometers, Formation Flying 

  7. 3D Vectors, GPS,, Autonomous Navigation for Systems Integration

  8. Reynolds Number, Turbulence, Lift/Drag, Air Flow, inflation/deflation

  9. TRL Demos - COTS Parts, Deployment & Systems Design

  10. TTC, CDH, & Algorithms for Operations 

  11. ISRU, SOFC, In Situ Air Production

  12. Software(MATLAB, COMSOL) to model balloon dynamics/performance

  13. Coatings & Materials science

  14. Propulsion: ABEP, Electric, Nuclear, etc

  15. Aerohab Design & Expansion

  16. Project Presentations

  17. Project Presentations


PreProgram 2023 Timeline

January 3: Open House Webinar
January 15: Apply by
June 12-July 29: VSE311 Program

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