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Microcontroller Build and Engineering (MBE 312)
Apply by July 12
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Magneto Space
7 Days,  August 15-23
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Learn how to  build, program, and operate microcontrollers. The 7-day course is primarily  in-person and online cohosted by Magneto Space. MBE312 course immerses participants in a research intensive course to program your own custom microcontroller with  TinkerCAD, software of choise (C++/Python) and to use digital multimeters and oscilliscopes. Get involved at local makerspace in Northern Virginia/Washington DC and engage in discussions on applying to sensor fusion integration, experiments, software, & systems. Inperson participation is  recommended, however, online participation at home is possible to build microcontroller and earn certificate.


$349​ $279

(20% discount until July 12) 

~20 hours


Hands-on​, Labs

5 Scholarships Available

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Senior Project Leader at The Aerospace Corporation

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Faculty & Program Coordinator, MU

Cofounder, Magneto Space

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​Cofounder,  Magneto Space

Founder, Space4All

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Curriculum Schedule

The Certificate course provides up to 20 hours of live synchronous instruction with 75/25 Labs(research)/Lectures or discussion. Earlier in week focuses on design, build with 5 hours per day inperson and class later in week online that focuses on applying to software, operations and research of interest. The Course is designed to fit the schedule of young professionals and undergradutes/graduates.. Attendance is mandatory to receive the Certificate.

 Day 1: Design and Build Custom Microcontroller
Day 2: Build Microcontroller and Software 
Day 3: Program Software and  Electromagtronics 
Day 4: Microcontroller Build, Research Projects
Day 5: Oscilloscopes & Signal Analyzers
Day 6: Microcontroller Build, Research Projects
Day 7: Presentations and Discussions


PreProgram Timeline

June 10: Launch

June 24: Apply by 

Aug 15-23: Course Starts

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Microcontrollers and Applications

Microcontrollers (MC) contain CPU processors, memory, circuitry and are utilized in low-cost wearables, medical equipment, consumer electronics, rugged industrial devices, and more.  Microcontrollers advance a variety of applications from home appliances, office machines, robots, and vehicles, to state-of-the-art military and aerospace systems.

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In-person Bootcamp at Makerspace

Build and assemble microcontroller(s) at local Makerspace such as Maker space NovaLabs  or your local maker space. Use TinkerCAD simulator to connect to switches, LEDs, resistors, and other basic components. We encourage you to learn and engage with  SMEs from local makerspace to advance  microcontroller build and programming. If attending remotely, classes during in person may be streamed live, however, we encourage in person participation.


5V Arduino UNO REV3 Board


You will use Arduino IDE 2.3.2 connected to Cloud based on C++ programming/Micropython or circuit python language to program circuit board.Participants are expected to already be familiar with Arduino UI and code beforehand to keep up.Use CAD software such as TinkerCAD,CAD Fusion, or other software as free software to 3D design, electronics, and coding.  Programming experience is not necessary but will help advance progress and project.

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