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Mars globe with city lights in TerraGene

Teaching Associate

Tucson, Arizona (Remote and/or in-person)

Paid (Part-time)

Mars University (MarsU) is an international academic and research organisation that is the first school on Earth dedicated to making life multi-planetary. Our mission to unite students, researchers, and professionals in a multidisciplinary curriculum, to settle humans on planet Mars. MarsU is organising the first in-person Mars Studies Program in Arizona during the Summer 2022.

Teaching Associates (TAs) helps advise and assist instructor(s) and staff with curriculum, schedule, and lecture development. TAs bring prior experience on the topic(s) to affirm, complete, and polish curriculum gaps and knowledge. As interface between IT and Faculty, TAs may assist in crafting lectures to be more interactive to foster the student experience, deep learning, and knowledge retention. Student scholars, applicants, and professionals prior experience on the subject and lecture material are welcome to coordinate with staff and faculty and to apply by filling out the form below. MarsU aims to reimburse travel, lodging, and meals expenses of TAs and staff incurred in contributing to the Program.


Your impact would directly help improve systems, exchange of multi-planetary information, and the quality of life on Mars and beyond Earth in addition to enabling faculty, staff, and MarsU to lead Mars research and education.


Benefits: flexible, on-site, remote work, part-time


  • Provide feedback on lectures, schedule, curriciculum, and presentations

  • Advise on the inclusion of research and development into the academic curriculum to ensure high degrees of accuracy, confidence intervals, and theories

  • Identify aspects of topics that are intriguing and/or would stimulate engaging discussion

  • Share perspectives on class materials/presentations from lens of student without much knowledge on topic

  • Improve structure, cohesion, story telling, and student knowledge retention

  • Identify elements of presentation that you can emulate or information/choices to avoid

  • Enable deeper understanding of scientific and mathematical material of faculty and students

  • Advise presentations to enable to students create, reinforce, and build their own cognitive frameworks

  • Coordinate live/prerecorded practice lectures and ensure swift transissions before, during, and after activities

  • Assist in developing workshops, labs, projects, and events at Makerspaces and host partner 

  • Promote the course(s), program(s), and research to extend impact and course engagement

  • Support and contribute to the Founding team of Mars University to become space-faring people


  • Bachelor's or Masters degree in course topic or a relevant field

  • Experience in academic, teaching, scientific education, communication, applied research, engineering, space technology and exploration

  • Excellent communication, peer review, active listening, team building, and speaking skills

We invite you to apply to join our community of leaders, professors, and researchers pioneering the research, education, and development of ecosystems involved in enable life to become multiplanetary. After you apply and submit the below form, we will reach out to you shortly to coordinate an exploratory meeting and notify you of our team's decision afterward

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