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2021 Mars University Symposium

The Mars University Symposium (MUS) is an interactive virtual conference that unites  researchers and leaders to present early to mid stage ideas, systems, and methods that hold great potential to make life multiplanetary and to help sustain a human presence during the first 5-10 years of settlement. The four hour annual event from 12-4 pm EDT on Sunday, September 12, 2021 is remote and free to participate and attend.

The Symposium is dedicated to the development of R&D to enable life and machines to flourish in habitable biospheres on planet Mars. Alumni, faculty, researchers, partners and the global space community are encouraged to join and present their research and developments. MUS hosts presentations from leaders pioneering R&D for the organisms, hardware, and materials on the Martian surface.







Call for Abstracts and Papers

Submit an abstract for a presentation or research paper that you would like to present at the MarsU 2021 Symposium. Abstract deadline is 11:59 pm EDT on August 8, 2021.  Each live 10 to 15-minute presentation will be followed by a 5-min live Q&A period. Presentations have been uploaded to the MarsU Youtube Channel and papers will be considered for publication in the Mars University 2021 Research Journal.

Abstract/Paper Topics
Settlement Technologies and Systems
Architecture and Settlement Design
Space Resources, ISRU, Manufacturing
Life sciences, Biology, Bioengineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Robotics, Automation, Logistics



Professor of Astrobiology,

University of Edinburgh


Faculty, Mars Agriculture,

Mars University


Faculty, Human Factors,




Abiboo Studio

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Mars University

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MarsU Symposium 2021 Co-Author Schedule

Leading presentations on systems and early to mid-stage concepts that holds the most potential to make life multiplanetary will be awarded scholarship or tuition discount based on democratic vote from registered attendees. Up to five coauthors or collaborators on one presenting team will be eligible to each receive a $500 scholarship to participate in MarsU courses and Programs. Coauthors on teams in second and third place receive a $250 credit to participate in MarsU courses. Presentations during the Symposium from coauthors must be original and novel work. Submissions and presentations will be evaluated based on the need, benefit to society, novelty, and potential impact.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Kolemann Lutz, Symposium Organizer, at