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Student Opportunities

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Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
Mars University

We are committed to making your graduate education affordable, and we offer generous scholarships, research, and assistantships to many of our students. To apply for these student opportunities with potential scholarships, you should indicate the positions you intend to apply for in your program or course application. Read below to find out more detailed information on the ways MarsU provides various forms of funding, collaboration, and opportunities to our students and alumni. 

Graduate Assistantships

MarsU offers Graduate Assistantships (GAs), which are fixed, hourly, volunteer-based or compensated research and administrative positions at MarsU and/or partners. GA's are student workers providing academically relevant services such as admissions engagement, teaching support, accreditation, outreach activities, partnership and grant proposal development, student affairs, and other activities. These positions are available to both domestic and international students. Students admitted to a program that offers GAs will receive an invitation to apply in their admission letter. Staff in the Program conduct the GA onboarding process based on admission and scholarship decisions, and students hired as GAs will be notified about acceptance before the start of their program. For consideration of a partial scholarship, GA's should complete at least 80 hours of effort or the amount specified in your offer letter. Students and alumni have preference to be considered for paid and volunteer-based positions at MarsU such as an Academic Coordinator, Lead of Logistics, Program Director, and more to design, develop, and found the Mars Summer Program in June 2022.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants (TAs) helps advise and assist an instructor with curriculum development, slidedeck developments, practice lectures, and more. TAs bring a wealth of experience on the topic to affirm, complete, and polish curriculum gaps and knowledge. As a paid or volunteer-based collaborator, TAs assist in crafting lectures to be more interactive, engaging with storytelling, and hands-on activities to foster the student experience, deep learning, and knowledge retention. Student scholars, applicants, and professionals with years of experience on the subject and lecture material are welcome to coordinate with faculty and to apply to advance the understanding, research, and science.

Graduate Researchers

Graduate Researchers (GR) collaborate with MarsU Faculty and Staff of mutual interest to advise, edit, and improve research project(s). You would help take the research to the next level and improve your understanding on research interests and knowledge to enable high impact factor for publication and further research and development. GRs support R&D, technical editing, writing, partnership engagement, and/or grant proposal development. Qualified individuals may also choose to propose Independent Research Project to benefit the knowledge, research, and mindset, of students, faculty, and staff at Mars University and space community.  Your effort and collaboration as a GR supervised participation in faculty and/or staff for consideration of a scholarship or tuition discount for a current or future MarsU Program.



A limited number of scholarships will be made available to diverse group of students and leaders for each Program. With the support from our partners and sponsors, we are actively looking to develop partnerships to cover tuition costs for instruction, wages, and administration. We recommend that applicants undertake their own fundraising efforts and coordinate with to increase their chances to receive a scholarship. Please do not contact MarsU Partners or Sponsors directly. You may contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at or a staff member to provide a Letter of Interest to support your request for scholarship from external or local organisations.

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