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Siddharth Pandey, PhD

Board Advisor

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Mumbai, India​


Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology, Amity University Mumbai, Head, 2019-present
University of New South Wales Canberra, Doctoral Researcher, 2014-2018
NASA Ames Research Center USA, Research Engineer, 2012-2014
Delft University of Technology Netherlands, MSc Student, 2011-2014
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India, Project Research Engineer, 2010-2011

Sidd established India’s first dedicated Centre for Astrobiology studies with focus on Mars analogue field research and microgravity space biology experiment development. He has
lived and worked on 4 different continents on Aerospace, Mars and Venus systems, and Astrobiology projects. Sidd worked at Space Biosciences Division, NASA Ames on developing ISS bioscience payloads. He is also the Director at Mars Society Australia, working toward developing Mars-relevant technologies and outreach projects since September 2014.


Research Areas

Space systems engineering

Mars Surface Exploration Technology

Thermal and Fluid Analysis

Articles and Publications

Jonathan D. A. Clarke, Savannah McGuirk & Siddharth Pandey (2020) Inverted dune swales, Hunder, Ladakh, India, Physical Geography, DOI: 10.1080/02723646.2020.1858556
Pandey S et al (2019). Ladakh: diverse, high-altitude extreme environments for off-earth analogue and astrobiology research. International Journal of Astrobiology 1–21.
Pandey, S., Tuttle, S., Young, J. “Impact of Step Profile on Natural Convective Heat Transfer within Vented Mars Rover Enclosures.” (under-process) AIAA Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer   
NASA Technical Reports
Pandey, S., Zacny K., Cervone, A., McKay, C. P. “Effect of swirl on sample collection efficiency for Pneumatic systems for Mars sample Return” NASA Ames Research Center
Pandey, S., Zacny, K. “High Temperature Sample Delivery Systems for Venus Surface Missions” NASA Venus Exploration Analysis Group Meeting Report, NASA Headquarters, October 2015.  
Pandey, S. “Designing a compact fruitfly observation module using a single camera within a 1.5U CubeSat module” NASA Ames Research Center
NASA Patent   
Bhattacharya, S., Lusby, T., Angadi, C., Pandey, S. 2018. Conducting Autonomous Experiments in Space. U.S. Patent No. 9,998,639 B1, filed September 16, 2016 and issued June 12, 2018.
Conference Proceedings
Pandey, S., Tuttle, S., Young, J. “Tackling Convective Heat Losses within Mars Surface Mission Systems.” 68th   International Astronautical Congress, Sep 25-29, 2017, Adelaide, Australia.

Pandey, S., Clarke, J., Beattie, A., Phelps, A." Spaceward Bound India 2016: Education and Outreach Efforts as part of an Astrobiology Expedition in the Himalayas." 68th International Astronautical Congress, Sep 25-29, 2017, Adelaide, Australia.

Pandey, S., Tuttle, S., Young, J. “Designing an Experiment to Improve the Understanding of Thermal Convection to aid Gas Gap Design of Mars Rovers.” 16th Australian Space Research Conference, Sep 26-28, 2016, Melbourne, Australia.

Pandey, S., Zacny, K. “Hydrodynamic Design of a Pneumatic Sample Acquisition System for Venus Surface” International Astronautics Congress 2015, Oct 5-18, 2015, Jerusalem, Israel.

Pandey, S., Zacny, K., McKay, C. “Alternative Uses of Residual Thruster Propellant towards Sample Acquisition” National Propulsion Conference Feb 23-24, 2015, IIT Bombay, India.

Pandey, S., Cervone, A., Zacny, K., McKay, C.  “Sample Acquisition System Using Gas Injection for a Mars Lander Mission” International Astronautics Congress 2014, Sep 29- Oct 4, 2014, Orlando, Canada.

Pandey, S., Zacny, K., McKay, C., Cervone, A., Dave, A., “Investigating Fluidized Granular Flow Behavior in Extraterrestrial Environments for a Pneumatic Regolith Acquisition System” AIAA Space 2014, Aug 4-8, 2014, San Diego, CA USA.

Pandey, S., Clarke, J., Bonaccorsi, R., Blank, J.G., Mogul, R., Sharma, M. "Spaceward Bound India 2016: An Overview of the first Astrobiology Expedition to the roof of the world." Astrobiology Science Conference (2017) LPI Contrib No. 1965 

Bonaccorsi, R., Pandey, S., et al. "Spaceward Bound's 11-year history: To Extreme Environments on Earth and Beyond." Astrobiology Science Conference (2017) LPI Contrib No. 1965 

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