Kolemann Lutz

Enrolled students are welcome to propose a Workshop, apply for a Graduate Assistantship, or to be a Teaching Associate. Learn more about Student Funding Opportunities here

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships (GAs) are enrolled students providing academically or research-related services such as admissions engagement, teaching support, accreditation, outreach activities, partnership and grant proposal development, and other activities. For consideration of a partial scholarship up to 25% off of tuition, enrolled students are welcome to apply. It is recommended to coordinate with MarsU Staff and/or Faculty about the activities you would like to do before submitting your GA application. You may contact info@mars.university to discuss more about the Graduate Assistantship opportunity.

After submitting the application below, students hired as GAs are typically notified about acceptance before the start of their program. For consideration of a partial scholarship, GA's should complete at least 80 hours of effort or the amount of effort coordinated with the staff or faculty member. Students and alumni have preference to be considered for paid and volunteer-based positions at MarsU such as an Academic Coordinator, Lead of Logistics, Program Director, and more to develop future academic and research Programs.

Teaching Associates

Teaching Associates (TAs) help advise and assist an instructor with curriculum development, slidedeck development, practice lectures, and more. TAs bring a wealth of experience on the topic to affirm, complete, and polish curriculum gaps and knowledge. As a paid or volunteer-based collaborator, TAs assist in crafting lectures to be more interactive, engaging with storytelling, and hands-on activities to foster the student experience, deep learning, and knowledge retention. For consideration of potential scholarships, scholars and professionals with years of experience on the subject and lecture material are welcome to coordinate with faculty and to apply to advance the understanding, research, and science.