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Mars Science and Engineering
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Mars University
International Space University
Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon

Register by Sunday, July 10
August 28 - September 3, 2022
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The 7-day in-person Mars Science and Engineering Program unites up to 40 students, 20+ lecturers, and 5+ professors/researchers the week after ISU’s Space Studies Program (SSP) from Sunday, August 28 - September 3, 2022 at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) Engineering School in Portugal. The in-person and online Program explores the engineering, technologies, organisms, planetary science, and materials involved in sustaining a settlement on the Martian surface.  MSE Program includes an intensive curriculum with intermediate-level lectures and topics about how in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU), settlement systems, bioengineering, 3D printing, agriculture and more will support the development of a Mars settlement and help make life multiplanetary.

Enroll (Opens May 20)

560€ Program Tuition

Estimated 30-40 hours

Graduate Certificate

Intermediate Level

Small class sizes, Labs

Organising Team

Assistant Professor, IST

Senior researcher at Institute for Systems and Robotics

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Kolemann Lutz

Cofounder, Mars University

Program Co-coordinator

Contact Information

Kolemann Lutz
Program Co-coordinator,



The Certificate course provides up to 20 hours per week of live synchronous instruction for a total of 30-40 hours. With time allo50/50 Lectures/Projects(research), students will be immersed in lectures in the morning and have free time to work on research, experiments, and projects in afternoon. With special guest lecturers and instructors, the Course designed to fit the schedule of full-time students in between academic semesters. The preprogram timeline includes an Information & R&D Webinar, Tuition deposit deadline July 24, and Online Meet & Greet.The Program Open for students, faculty, staff, and the local community, the Program hosts classes and lectures in-person primarily in the morning and afternoon CET and is accessible to enroll in online, allowing students to continue residing in their home communities and maintaining their full-time employment. Attendance for most lectures and labs is mandatory to receive the Mars Science & Engineering certificate.

Program Tuition 

Meals: 30EUR/Day = 180 EUR

Lodging: 30EUR/Day = 180 EUR

Tuition: 300 EUR

Total Tuition Cost: 560 EUR

Individual Research & Team Projects

Students attending in-person and online participate in research, workshop, and team project that are focused on making and improving life to become multiplanetary. Students are immersed in Independent or Collaborative Team Projects to design and/or build a system that holds potential to make life multiplanetary. To pass this Program and receive a Certificate, you are expected to present and project and complete a final Project Report. Up to 25kg of MGS-1 Mars Regolith Simulant from Exoliths Labs, MinION DNA/RNA sequencer, microscopes, micro characterisation equipment, and other local IST facilities/labs will be accessible for biotic and abiotic testing and experiments.

Ways to Get Involved

Many opportunities are open for interested ISU participants, alumni, locals, and the community to get more involved. We are looking to collaborate with Teaching Assistants, IT Assistants, Research/Graduate Assistants, and Interns. We are interested in engaging in discussions about cohosting and/or sponsoring the Program and events online and in-person on MIT campus. 

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