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Mars Science and Engineering
Provided by:
Mars University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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January 17 - 29, 2022
About this Course

Mars Science and Engineering (MSE) is a 2-week synchronous in-person and online Certificate Course that explores the engineering, technologies, organisms, planetary science, and materials involved in sustaining a settlement on the Martian surface. Cohosted as a non-credit activity in-person on MIT Campus, MSE includes an intensive curriculum with intermediate-level courses about how in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU), settlement systems, 3D printing, materials science and engineering for extreme environments, manufacturing, agriculture, architecture, and more will support the development of a Mars settlement and help make life multiplanetary.

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In-person & Online Hybrid

Estimated 40 hours

Free classes and lectures for Certificate

Intermediate Level

Small class sizes, Labs

Instructors and Speakers

Bruce Mackenzie, MIT '74

Cofounder, Mars University

Founder, Mars Foundation

Kole Lutz.jpeg

Kolemann Lutz

Cofounder, Mars University

Program Co-coordinator


Daniel Tompkins

Faculty for Agriculture, MarsU 

Founder, GrowMars




Contact Information

Kolemann Lutz
Program Co-coordinator,


Bruce Mackenzie

Program Co-Coordinator


The Certificate course provides up to 20 hours per week of live synchronous instruction for a total of 40 hours during MIT’s Independent Activities Period (IAP). With special guest lecturers and instructors, the Course designed to fit the schedule of full-time students in between academic semesters. Open for students, faculty, staff at MIT and the local community, the Program hosts classes and lectures in-person primarily in the afternoon EST and is accessible to enroll in online, allowing students to continue residing in their home communities and maintaining their full-time employment. The course is currently not for credit, however, the accreditation of the course is subject to approval of the program, instructor, and organization of interest. Attendance for all four courses is mandatory to receive the Mars Science & Engineering certificate.

Modules, Workshops, and Team Projects

The Mars Science and Engineering Course hosts a series of lectures organized into Modules.
MIT students get free access to MarsU online courses/Program. Students attending in-person participate in research, workshop, and team projects that are focused on making and improving life to become multiplanetary. We are discussing coordinating Mars Design Challenge workshops, labs, and access toCAD design, 3D printing, Mars Environment Chamber, Makerspaces, and more. Optional materials fee may be charged for participation in various workshop or labs.  Students are immersed in Collaborative Team Projects in early January to design and/or build a system that holds potential to make life multiplanetary. To pass this Course and receive a Certificate, you are expected to submit a final Project Report (12-page Maximum) for a grade.

Ways to Get Involved

Many opportunities are open for interested MIT students, alumni, and the community to get more involved. We are looking to collaborate with Teaching Assistants, IT Assistants, Research/Graduate Assistants, and Interns in collaboration or on behalf of MarsU. We are interested in engaging in discussions with clubs and organisations about cohosting and/or sponsoring the Program and events online and in-person on MIT campus. If you or colleagues are interested in Lecturing, cohosting a workshop or lab, In-person and/or online in January 2022, contact Program Co-Coordinator at kole@mars.University.

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