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Logistics Management Associate

Tucson, Arizona (Remote and in-person)

Paid (Part-time)

Mars University (MarsU) is an international academic and research organisation that is the first school on Earth dedicated to making life multi-planetary. Our mission to unite students, researchers, and professionals in a multidisciplinary curriculum, to settle humans on planet Mars. MarsU is organising the first in-person Mars Studies Program in Arizona during the Summer 2022.

Logistics Associate's (LAs) help co-lead the design and coordination of the logistics during the Mars Studies Program 2022. He or she manages and effectively communicates the preparations, travel, meal, transportation logistics to the MarsU Founding team and Program staff. You will play a critical role on the MSP Program Committee in biweekly meetings to communicate progress and logistics management. MarsU aims to reimburse travel, lodging, and meals expenses of LAs and staff incurred in contributing to the Program.


Your impact would directly help improve systems, exchange of multi-planetary information, and the quality of life on Mars and beyond Earth in addition to enabling faculty, staff, and MarsU to lead Mars research and education.


Benefits: flexible, on-site, remote work, part-time


  • Assist with Visa and Travel arrangements with participants, lecturers, and guests

  • Update spreadsheet/software on arrival and departure status, lodging, meals, and other accommodations of Lectures, Students, and staff

  • Lead housing arrangements and communication with Housing & Residential Life department

  • Coordinate food/logistics/catering for banquet, lunches, dinners with UA Catering, Student Union, and local vendors, and coordinate special diets and other arrangements requested from participants/staff

  • Oversee participant and staff flight preparations, COVID-19 Participant agreements, and completion of other paperwork/agreements signed by participants and staff on-site

  • Assist and coordinate local and community events in the Tucson area

  • Participate on and oversee communication with local hosts during class field trips

  • Monitor program budget and provides input for future budget preparations

  • Participate in staff and committee meetings before and during Program

  • Advise on local transportation methods for staff to and from airport, and rental vehicles during biosphere 2, University Rover Challenge (URC), field trips, and other events

  • Lead and communicate itinerary preparation during local events and field trips to staff and participants

  • Coordinate food arrangements during Makerspaces, Labs, URC, Biosphere2, and field trips

  • (Optional) Coordinate logistics lab activities, classes, and workshops and advise on the use of materials and equipment

  • Promote the course(s), program(s), and research to extend impact and course engagement

  • Support and contribute to the Founding team of Mars University to become space-faring people


  • Experience in event and program management, academia, public speaking, supply chain management

  • Strong attention to detail and organization and time management skills

  • Proficiency or ability to learn software and platforms beneficial for Program

  • Excellent communication, peer review, active listening, team building, and speaking skills

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