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Graham Lau

Longmont, Colorado


PhD, Geological Sciences and Astrobiology, University of Colorado, Boulder,2011-2016
Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Chemistry, York College of Pennslyvania 2003-2007

Blue Marble Space, Director of Communications and Marketing, 2017-present
Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Research Investigator, 2017-present
University Rover Challenge, Director of Logistics, 2015-present
University of Colorado Boulder, Adjunct Professor, 2018

Dr. Graham Lau is an astrobiologist and communicator of science. With an academic background spanning biology, chemistry, astrophysics, and geology, Dr. Lau is an expert on how living things affect the environment around them and how we search for alien life beyond the Earth. He’s also an experienced communicator, with professional speaking engagements toa  wide variety of audiences as well as the use of graphic design to convey scientific ideas. Dr. Lau is also known internationally as the Host of the NASA Astrobiology Program’s show “Ask an Astrobiologist”.

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Planetary science

Polar environments



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