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Graduate Researcher


Volunteer-based (Part-time)

Mars University (MarsU) is an international academic and research organisation that is the first school on Earth dedicated to making life multi-planetary. Our mission to unite students, researchers, and professionals in a multidisciplinary curriculum, to settle humans on planet Mars. MarsU is organising the first academic Programs dedicated to making life multi-planetary. Faculty and staff at MarsU are cumulatively involved with over a dozen active research projects.

As a Graduate Researcher, you would collaborate with MarsU Faculty and Staff of interest to advise, edit, and improve research project(s). You would help take the research to the next level and improve your understanding on research interests and knowledge to enable high impact factor for publication and further research and development. You have the freedom to lead your own independent or collaborative research study. Your impact would directly help improve systems, multi-planetary information, and the quality of life on Mars and beyond Earth in addition to enabling faculty, staff, and MarsU to lead Mars research and education.


Benefits: flexible, remote work, part-time


  • Become knowledgeable about the research and field of interest

  • Contribute, advise, and develop research and project management

  • identify grants and funding opportunities grant proposals

  • Advise on the inclusion of research and development into the academic curriculum

  • Promote research and publications at events, conferences, and on social media

  • Help maintain and extend the local presence, marketing, and impact of Mars University

  • Identify and engage with potential collaborators, sponsors, and partners to support and promote research

  • Advance the exchange of information from MarsU to local, state, and/or national communities

  • Support and contribute to the Founding team of Mars University to become space-faring people


  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, business, science, or a relevant field

  • Familiar with the existing research literature and the MarsU team

  • Knowledgeable about research, field, project management, academia, engineering, Mars settlement, space technology, and exploration

  • Excellent communication, leadership, team building, social, and public speaking skills

We invite you to apply to join our community of leaders, professors, and researchers pioneering the research, education, and development of Martian ecosystems. After you apply and submit the below form, we will reach out to you shortly to coordinate an exploratory meeting and notify you of our team's decision afterward

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