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Mars globe with city lights in TerraGene
Type 2: Initial Settlement On Mars

Explore online courses in Mars Settlement and Exploration this Summer 2023. To accommodate your career, the  certificate program is delivered with small class sizes to enable you to continue working and be based in your home community to develop the knowledge and skills to explore and live on Mars.


One of the first academic program dedicated to Mars and making life multi-planetary


15+ Guest Lecturers

An interactive environment designed to significantly improve human understanding of the settlement of Mars 



Learn from leading faculty pioneering the research and development

About the Online Program

Application Window

June- July

Entry Term


Course Requirements
Attend all sessions


$200 USD 


Online, Executive-style

Time Commitment​

7-8 hours of live classes


Students are immersed in an interactive 9-week Program to learn about the science and systems involved in Mars settlement and exploration. The remote learning program provides an online certificate to train young professionals, researchers, and early settlers about Mars 101, human factors, life support, settlement operations, agriculture, geology, and more. Join the first student cohort at MarsU for guest lectures, small class sizes with limited seats, and class projects. Students develop the capability and mindset to apply the knowledge to research, exploration, and development of Mars and space.


The Program hosts four courses provided is geared toward young professionals with a science or engineering background. MSE Program is open to humans from any background, major, and age intended for people with a bachelor's degree or enrolled in a Bachelors of Science program from a higher education institution. 

Daniel Tompkins
Faculty, Agriculture 

Contact Information
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